Free Clinic Hours

5:00 pm - 8:00pm
Appointment Only

Patient Eligibility Screening

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Physical Address

1200 Tiger Blvd.
Clemson, SC 29631

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 941
Clemson, SC 29631


Our Mission

Clemson Free Clinic’s mission is to provide quality free medical care and pharmaceuticals with compassion and dignity to individuals between the ages of 12 and 64:

  • Who are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or any other health insurance,
  • Who are residents of Clemson, Pendleton, Central, or Six Mile, and
  • Whose total household income is at or below the federal poverty level.
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Our Staff

The Clemson Free Clinic was established by concerned citizens and medical professionals to meet the needs of the medically under-served in Clemson, Central, Six Mile, and Pendleton. We opened our doors on April 6, 2005, and moved to our new facilities at 1200 Tiger Blvd. in January 2011

The Clinic works together with the Joseph F. Sullivan Center, Clemson Health Center, An-Med Health, Oconee Medical Center, Mountainview Imaging, and area volunteers to provide free care to eligible patients.

A team of health care providers, pharmacists, nurses and numerous others volunteer their time and talents to provided services to the clinic.

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Our Patients

Interviews for eligibility are done on Mondays from 1:30—3:30 pm. You must bring with you:

  • Proof of ALL income for ALL household members. Bring with you 3 current paycheck stubs for all employed individual in the house-hold. Also include proof of income for all social security income, disability income, pension/retirement income, alimony, child support, etc,
  • Proof of residence in Clemson, Central, Pendleton, or Six Mile. (Bring in a lease, or utility bill issued in your name.),
  • Social security cards for ALL members of your household,
  • Picture ID for you
  • All of your medicines in their pharmacy containers
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How to Help

Funds to operate The Free Clinic come from concerned citizens, churches, civic organizations and corporations. Our donors want the eligible uninsured to have access to primary care and free pharmaceuticals for area residents that are not eligible to purchase, or can't afford to pay for health insurance. The clinic receives no federal funding and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the clinic are made to: Clemson Free Clinic, PO Box 941, Clemson, SC, 29633.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at the clinic, it is not necessary to have a medical background; there are many things you can do to help out. Just give us a call and leave a message and we will happily get back to you on opportunities.

If you, or your group, would like to make a donation of cash or supplies, we would be happy to work with you.

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Annual Fundraisers

Held in early spring (April 24, 2015) at the Clemson United Methodist Church Christian Life Center. A delicious dinner with family and friends who support the Free Clinic-this is our major fundraiser each year and very important to our clinic’s financial strength. Family entertainment and a fun evening for all attending. Clemson University students in the Pre Med Honor Society –AED serve dinner to our guests, Call the Free Clinic at 864-654-8277 for ticket information. Tickets also available at Hubbard Young Pharmacy in Clemson.

Held the 1st Thursday of Dec at the Holy Trinity Episcopal church in Clemson. Co-sponsored by the Arts Center of Clemson to celebrate the arts and a healthy community. Tickets available at the Free Clinic and the Arts Center. A wonderful way to start the holiday season and support two of Clemson’s non-profits.


The Clemson Free Clinic was honored to be chosen as a 2014 Angel Organization by the South Carolina Secretary of State, The Honorable Mark Hammond in November 2014. The Angel designation recognizes organizations that exemplify charitable giving in South Carolina. The Clemson Free Clinic spent 92.0% of their expenditures towards program services. Angels are selected by a review of financial reports submitted annually to the Secretary of State's Office. To be selected as an Angel, the charity must have devoted 80 percent or more of its total expenditures to charitable programs; the charity must have been in existence for three or more years; the charity must make good use of volunteer services; and the charity must be registered with the Secretary of State to solicit funds in South Carolina.

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Our pharmacy

Our pharmacy is open on Wednesday nights to dispense generic prescription medications to CFC patients during clinic hours, 5-8PM. The CFC pharmacy is licensed by the South Carolina State Board of Pharmacy and staffed by licensed pharmacists. Medications can not be dispensed unless a pharmacist is on duty. Like most of our staff, our pharmacists work other places and sometimes are delayed in getting to our clinic. We appreciate your understanding of this reality.

Patients needing refills must bring their refill prescriptions tabs to the pharmacy no later than 6PM in order to receive it that night. Since we are only here on Wednesday nights we are unable to take refill orders over the phone. Patients need to come in person to refill medications, exceptions need to made to the Clinic Director prior to filling.

The Clemson Free Clinic does not stock or dispense any control substance prescriptions. Additionally our CFC providers do not write prescriptions for any control substances.

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Pharmaceuticals are very expensive and we do not stock all medications in our pharmacy. We are happy to facilitate the necessary paperwork to order medications available from Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (PAP). We will need your help to bring us the required documents to file a completed application. We will let you know what paperwork is required. Usually the PAP’s are good for one year and then need a new application and documentation.

You will receive medication counseling from the pharmacist when you receive your new or refilled medications. This is an excellent opportunity for you to receive additional information about your medications. The pharmacists encourage you to take your medication as ordered by your provider to receive maximum benefit of the it.

We ask our patients to pay attention to the number of refills they have remaining and schedule a recheck appointment with their provider to avoid running out of meds. We find it helpful to tell patients to check at the receptionist desk when they come in for their last refill and make a recheck appointment. That way you are helping us to help you!

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Have questions? Let us know!

We are always happy to provide any information about the clinic. Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact us!

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1200 Tiger Blvd.
P.O. Box 941
Clemson, SC 29631
fax : 864-654-8907

office : 864-654-8277